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Flower arrangement with dahlia, cockscomb, green coffee beans, seeded eucalyptus, baby hydrangeas and tea leaves on a table in a backyard

So a few weeks ago, I went down to the flower mart here in Los Angeles early on Saturday morning.  I don't know why I went all the way there...I was just looking to buy a white orchid for my living room.

But as I was driving to my florist, I was talking to my sis DS on the phone and she said "So you are going to the flower mart downtown?".  I said, "No".  She said, "You should go." I said, "I'm not going there, I don't even know where it is."  She said, "8th and Wall Street, I've got to go...bye."  There I was in gym clothes (not going to the gym I might add) in my car with the knowledge of where the flower mart was located and a little spare time on my I went.

Well there are good things about the flower mart and bad things....the good things are all of the gorgeous flowers...the bad thing is all of the gorgeous flowers.  I went looking for a white orchid and came home with flowers for a fall flower arrangement all of a sudden.

Anyhooo...needless to say...I pulled an assortment of flowers and greenery and brought it home...plopped it on my deck dining table and started cutting and snipping.  I got Dahlias, Cockscomb, Baby Hydrangea, Seeded Eucalyptus, Coffee Beans, Tea Leaves...I had only ever bought hydrangea, tea leaves and coffee beans for arrangements in the this was all new to me.

I haven't posted the flower arrangement for weeks only because I kind of wasn't sure whether I thought it was pretty.  That day, while I was arranging, I had texted the images to a friend and he texted something back like "Wow. Wild flowers!" I think...he couldn't figure out a word to describe them I think!

So I didn't post these pictures a few weeks back...because I am kind of thinking my impromptu fall flower arrangement might be ugly?  Maybe?

Anyhooo...maybe this post will inspire you to arrange something pretty for your Thanksgiving table centerpiece.  In the meantime, I need your thoughts - is this do-it-yourself floral fall centerpiece UGLY OR PRETTY?

individual bouquets of Dahlias, Cockscomb, Baby Hydrangea, Seeded Eucalyptus, Coffee Beans and Tea Leaves from the flower market

Close up of Burgundy dahlia
Burgundy dahlia. (above)

Close up orange cockscomb
Orange cockscomb. (above)

close up coffee beans
Coffee beans. (above)

Close up Green Baby Hydrangea
Green baby hydrangea. (above)

bouquet of Tea leaves and seeded eucalyptus on an outdoor patio table
Tea leaves and seeded eucalyptus. (above)

Tea leaves in glass urn shaped vase on a wooden patio table
Tea leaves in glass urn shaped vase. (above)

wooden patio table covered in different kinds of flowers and leaves
My flower arranging table chaos! (above)

Four fresh pomegranates on a wooden patio table covered with leaves, flowers and other plant scraps
Mid flower arranging, neighbor JH brought me some fresh pomegranates she had just picked. (above)

completed flower arrangement with 4 pomegranates on a wooden patio table
End result  - can't tell whether this diy homemade centerpiece is ugly or retty. (above)
So, what do you all think?  UGLY OR PRETTY?  Please weigh in.  I love hearing your comments on these posts.  What would you have done differently?  What would you have kept the same?  Do tell.

Also, would love to know what you are planning for your Thanksgiving dinner table decor?  Anything you typically do that you'd like to share!

Happy Saturday!


P.S.  Hope you have a fantastic weekend getting ready for Thanksgiving!

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All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY


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