modern living room with glass walls and ceiling, a large floor mirror, neutral sofa, side tables and a coffee table for thought...a living room with a glass ceiling and walls.  Would be so bright and cheerful. It is a great idea if you have a private yard surrounding your space.  No need for art on the walls...the outdoors would serve as natural art.  I like these two glass enclosed spaces - sun rooms at their best.

open concept living, dining and kitchen with glass walls and ceiling

What do you think?  Like the idea of a glass room or do you think it is impractical?  Would you ever want a solarium type space in your home as one of the main rooms? Do weigh in on the comments below!

I think this kind of space would work well where I live in the Hollywood Hills. Hmmm...thinking....

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  Had a great dinner last night with AG and AS.  We went to a restaurant named Craig's here in Los Angeles.  We were seated in a nice booth right in the front because AS is good friends with the owner. At the beginning of the dinner AS leaned over and whispered something to AG.  When I asked what they were talking about they both ignored me.  It didn't cross my mind again about what they could have been whispering about. I proceeded to chat and they chatted and I chatted some more throughout the entire dinner.  I was waving my hands...laughing...talking up a storm...eating...chatting...having a ball.  At the end of the night, AG leaned over to me and whispered, "So cool that Elton John has been sitting right behind you all night."  I responded, "Who?"  AG said, "Didn't you notice right at the beginning of the dinner Elton John walked in...the whole restaurant went silent and everyone has been staring at him...I think the kid in the booth next to us even snapped a picture."  AG then handed me her iPhone and flipped the image around so that I could see myself and low and behold right over my right shoulder two arms lengths away...there was mega singing super star Sir Elton John staring right back into the iPhone.  I immediately put the phone down.  Then to add to the comedy...all of a sudden an Elton John song, "Benny and the Jets" came on just as we were getting up from the table.  Anyhooo...all in a typically L.A. evening.

Photos: Domus Nova; Mim Design


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